Why Open a Fund at the Community Foundation?


Funds at the Community Foundation serve as living memorials, and carry out your cheritable interests in perpetuity. If your fund's purpose becomes outdated over time, we will redirect it to similar purposes. 

Tax Advantages

Since we are a public charity, not a private foundation, all donations qualify for the maximum available deduction for charitable contributions. Our funds also avoid the excise taxes and other restrictions placed on private foundations.

Charitable Impact

We understand the needs and roles of nonprofit organizations in central Illinois, so we can target grants where they do the most good. By pooling contributions for administration and investment purposes, we incur lower management costs than a private foundation. This means that more of your money goes to charity, rather than to overhead.


You can name your fund or remain anonymous, choose general charitable purposes or very specific ones, make modest gifts or large ones, and donate assets ranging from cash to real estate to artwork. We will work with you through all steps of the prossess to ensure that you know all of your giving options.


Most funds can be created in one brief meeting. Afterward, you retain the satisfaction of giving while we take care of management and paperwork.

The Community Foundation of Central Illinois is confirmed in
compliance with National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations

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